The psychological horror film industry

The psychological thriller genre is exploding with new releases, both on and off the film side.And there’s still one big hurdle standing in the way of an all-new psychological thriller movie coming out this year.The new wave of releases from major studios are not getting the attention they deserve.For starters, […]

Which Psychologists are the Most Effective?

The psychologist’s job is to provide a broad range of clinical and clinical-level services to patients and their families.They are trained to help people make better health decisions, manage health problems, and prevent diseases.The most effective psychologists are also the most experienced and respected.In the past, psychologists were expected to […]

How to manage your PTSD symptoms

By John StumpfKey points:Some psychologists say you need to start with a low stress level to manage symptomsPsychological stress can trigger symptoms like anxiety and depression that are common among people with PTSD.It can also interfere with your work and life, leading to anxiety and poor mental health.“It’s important to […]

How to Frame Psychology in Your Business

By now you’ve heard of the research that says people don’t really want to be discriminated against, and they are more likely to work with people who share their values, but how do you frame it?I have been asked to do this article, so here goes.The first thing you need […]

Which industries are suffering the most from automation?

Industrial organizations and industries are losing their ability to predict, manage, and adapt to technological change, according to new research from the University of Illinois.A report by the National Bureau of Economic Research released Wednesday said automation threatens an estimated 4 million jobs, including 1.4 million in manufacturing, and has […]

How to become an abnormal psychology researcher

On Wednesday, researchers at The Johns Hopkins University published a study that suggests that abnormal psychology can actually be used as a way to uncover the secrets of human nature.According to the study, published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, “our ability to develop a unique psychological style and […]

This Is What It’s Like To Be A Mentalist

4 FourFour2 title The Best Psychological Memes You Can Find On Facebook article 4 FiveThirtyEight title Five Five Things You Didn’t Know About Psychology: Part 1 article FiveThirty8 title Five Things you didn’t know about Psychology: Parts 2-5 article FiveThumbsUp title Five Tips To Get Into The Mind Of A […]

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