Researchers examine dog psychology after video shows dogs used in training fight

A video released Monday shows a group of dogs being trained to attack humans.

The footage, which was shot in Arizona, shows one dog in a crate, one dog on a leash and two others on the ground.

It also shows a male and female dog playing with a toy, and the sound of a click being made.

The video was shot by animal trainer James R. Bock, who is based in Tucson.

Bock said the video was taken from an animal rescue group and was not his personal work.

He said the dogs are in the care of the Humane Society of the United States and the owner of the dogs is not in the video.

He said it was his first time in the field.

He has trained dogs for nearly 30 years and said they are trained to do different tasks.

“They are not used to being aggressive and they are not trained to kill,” Bock said.

“It is a very unique breed and it is very special to me.”

He said the trainers in the videos were very protective of the animals, which makes the video even more difficult to watch.

“It’s one thing to go to a shelter and take the dog, and another to go and take a puppy,” he said.

He says the video shows that there are people who are looking for dogs for training.

“I’m not a bad person and I do love animals,” he told KOB-TV.

“I love dogs.

They are wonderful.

They give us hope.

I just want to show them how much I love them.”

Bock says he was contacted by the Humane Socies about the video and the dogs were brought to the rescue group in Tucson, AZ.

The Humane Society released a statement Monday saying the video did not reflect the group’s work and said the group is working with the owner to learn how to return the dogs.

“The videos are intended to show the best in human-animal interaction, and to teach the dog how to communicate in a friendly manner,” the statement said.

“As with any other training videos, the dogs in this one were not trained specifically to be aggressive, and we hope that the owner will use the footage to educate others about the importance of dog training.”