Why are people so fascinated by ‘socially awkward’ characters in film?

Why do we love to see people with weird personalities?

Well, it’s not just the ones who make us uncomfortable, but the ones we find socially awkward themselves.

But what is it about these people that makes us feel compelled to seek out a new, unique character to share their life with?

Here are seven fascinating reasons why, and how they might affect your psyche.


We’ve always loved to see characters with unique personalities.

If you’re anything like us, you know that we love characters who have different personalities than us, and you may even have even considered writing a letter to the author.

In the words of the novelist Toni Morrison, “There is nothing so mysterious or exciting as a mystery, and mystery is the very soul of human beings.”

But sometimes, there’s a person who just can’t stand it when they’re seen as different.

What does that mean?

Well imagine a character who’s a total asshole.

Maybe they’re a bully or an alcoholic, but they have an extremely difficult time interacting with others and don’t seem to like interacting with anyone who doesn’t look like him.

In fact, their only connection to others is through their physical appearance.

This is what’s known as “personality disorder.”

In our society, the term “personally repressed” has been used to describe these types of people.

And we love them!

It’s not always easy to find these people, and sometimes, they have to resort to trying to manipulate others to make them feel better.

Sometimes, they even resort to outright lying, which can cause people to lash out.

But we all know that if we’re not trying to make someone feel better, we’re actually hurting them.

People with personality disorder tend to be less than socially adept, and if you see one of these characters, be prepared to laugh or cry at the very least.


We love seeing the strange.

People often feel like they’re being watched, and it’s easy to see why.

As people, we tend to look to others for approval and approval is often seen as the key to happiness.

But there’s another reason that we’re drawn to people who are different: we’re interested in their innermost thoughts.

We often like to see how they react to things, or how they’re feeling about themselves.

If someone is struggling with depression, for example, and they’re having trouble dealing with the stress of being a celebrity, it could be because their mind is racing with thoughts of what they should do to improve their situation.

Sometimes these thoughts can become very intense, leading to an emotional meltdown.

In order to overcome their feelings of sadness and isolation, we want to know more about their inner feelings.

It’s a natural part of being human, and as humans, we love the feeling of discovery.

So we want something different from ourselves.


We don’t like the way someone talks.

It can be hard to understand someone if they don’t speak up.

We have the ability to listen to and understand someone, but we often struggle to hear them when they speak up, especially when it comes to difficult topics.

In our culture, we associate speaking up with being an authority figure or someone who has an agenda.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean we should let them off the hook when they don to speak up in public.

Many people will speak up when someone makes a mistake, and when they are being rude or disrespectful.

But if someone has a deep, sincere and heartfelt reason for their statement, we often find it very hard to believe that it was all a big lie.

In most cases, these are people who we have genuine feelings for, who are genuinely interested in us and care deeply about us.

It may be something as simple as being sad that they are going through something that they’re going through, or that they feel guilty that they have no friends, or something about their health or personal issues that makes them feel sad.

When people are speaking up, they can be heard and understood.

Sometimes they can even change their behavior to help others who might be struggling.


We like the unique.

Many of us like to dress up as the characters we see in films and television.

And if you’re one of the people who loves to dress like your favorite character from your favorite TV show, then you probably know the appeal of the character.

But sometimes it can be a bit difficult to find someone who doesn “act” the way you want them to.

We tend to prefer characters who are socially awkward, and people who fit into this category tend to have an exaggerated sense of themselves.

For example, if you like to wear a hat and tie, you may be surprised to find out that this person is not shy about wearing a mask.

And in addition to the appearance, this person also tends to have a great sense of humor, as well as a sense of adventure.

If that sounds like someone you would want to dress as, then it is. 5