Which movies make you think about life?

By the end of his life, Dr. David Graeber was a self-described “psychologist of dreams” who used his expertise in dreams to help people manage their stress and depression.

He also had a penchant for the surreal, a trait that made him a favorite of Stephen King.

Here are a few of his best stories: “I am the only man alive who has a dream that never ends.

I have dreams that are filled with meaning and purpose, of what I want and what I must accomplish in order to live a happy life.”

“I have the greatest dreams of my life.

I want to be a great painter, a great composer, and an author.”

“If I can wake up in the morning and see that I have accomplished what I set out to do, it means that my life has been worth it.”

“The dream I had of becoming a doctor was so real that I can’t even tell you if it was true.

But it was the dream that made me a doctor.”

“My dream was that I would have an actual, actual, physical relationship with my wife.”

“It was my dream to have a real, live family, and I never got to do that.”

“That dream was the one where I actually became a man.”

“All my dreams were real, but the reality of the life I wanted to lead and live was very real to me.

It was real.

It took a lot of courage and guts to try to realize it.

It’s not easy.”

“As a doctor I was trying to help other doctors, but my dream was to be like myself.

I could be like my own person and never give up.”

“In my dream I see a man on a motorcycle who is about to pass me on the street and I hear him say, ‘You will have to be my surgeon, and you will have my heart, and my eyes.’

That dream changed my life.”