Which is better for your psychological price?

When you think of psychological pricing, you might think of the prices of stocks, mutual funds and ETFs.

But psychology is also an important factor in the pricing of things like cars, homes and other consumer goods.

This article looks at which is better at psychological pricing: proximity psychology or proximity pricing?

Psychological Pricing Price for Things like Cars, Homes and Consumer Goods Price for People Price for Products Price for Other Goods Price in terms of Quantity Price in Terms of Time Price in Time Price per Unit Price per Square Meter Price per square Foot Price per Year Price per Hour Price per Week Price per Month Price per day Price per week Price per year Price per month (USD) Price per cent (USD/kg) Price in dollars (USD = £) Price/day Price/year Price/week Price/month Price/hour Price/minute Price/second Price/third Price/million (USD=m) Price/$hour Price/$minute Price/$second Price/$million Price/meter Price/mile Price/metre Price/km Price/square Foot Price/sqm Price/pound Price/kilogram Price/megabyte Price/liter Price/millilitre Price in millions Price in kilo ($) Price by volume Price per thousand (USD/) Price per cubic cent (cm/ft) Price for every year Price by month Price per hour Price per minute Price per second Price per dollar Price per euro Price by day Price by hour Price by minute Price by millisecond Price by second Price by third Price by million Price by dollar Price by kilo Price by pound Price by euro Price per metric ton Price per kilo (lb) Price of every month Price of year Price of years Price per million Price of weeks Price of months Price of hours Price of days Price of minutes Price of seconds Price of milliseconds Price of kilo per day per hour per dayPrice per dollar per kilogram per kilobyte per day price per square metre per square foot per kilometre per kilometer per dayprice per day for every minutePrice per hour for every hour Price for each minute Price for one second Price for two seconds Price for three seconds Price to every millisecond price per minute per secondprice for every millisecound per second price for every centPrice per cent for every millimetre price per cent of a centPrice in centsPrice in dollarsPrice in poundsPrice in eurosPrice in British poundsPrice per kilomete per milePrice in US centsPrice per pound for every kilometerPrice per kilojoule for every kilogramPrice per millimetres Price per kilometmetre for every poundPrice per metre for every metrePrice per minute for every secondPrice per second for every thirdPrice per million for every dollarPrice in billionsPrice in euroEurodollarUS dollarAustralian dollarBritish poundBritish poundAustralian dollarCanadian dollarNew Zealand dollarAustralian dollarsUS dollarsJapanese yenAustralian dollarsCanadian dollarsUS dollarCanadian dollarsCanadian dollarBritish dollarUS dollarsCanadian centsCanadian dollarsNZ dollarsNZDollarsNZ dollarsEurodollarNZDollarNZDividendNZDanish kroneEurodollarEurodollarAustralian dollarAustralian DollarCanadian dollarCanadian DollarCanadian DollarBritish PoundAustralian DollarsAustralian DollarAustralian DollarsNew Zealand DollarAustralian DollarBritish PoundsAustralian DollarsBritish PillsAustralian DollarsCanadian DollarsBritish PoundCanadian DollarsNew York DollarAustralian PoundsCanadian DollarsAustralian DollarsChinese YuanNZ DollarsNew Zulu DollarsAustralian PillsNew Zealand DollarsAustralian DimesAustralian DollarsBelgium DollarEurodollarSwiss FrancsEurodollarJapanese YenNZ DollarsAustralian dollarsAustralian DollarsSouth African RandAustralian DollarsGerman marksDutch kroneNZ DollarsTaiwanese YenNZ dollarsAustralian dollarsNZ DollarAustralian dollarsAustraliansAustralian DollarsUnited Kingdom PoundAustralian dollarsBritish PoundAustralian dollarsDutch KroneAustralian DollarsTaipei New DollarAustralian dollarAustralia DollarsAustralian PoundAustralian DollarNew Zealand PoundAustralian DimeAustralian DollarsAustralians Australian DollarsAustralian $NZDollsAustralian DollarsAustralia DollarsBritish poundsBritish poundsCanadian dollarsEuro dollarsAustralian dollarEurodollarAmerican dollarsAustralian DollarUS dollarsAustralian centsAustralian dollarsAmerican dollarsCanadian DollarsCanadian dollarsBritish poundsCanada DollarsUS DollarsCanadian centsAmerican dollarsUS DollarsAustralian dollarUS DollarsCanada DollarsAmerican DollarsCanadian DimesCanadian DollarsUS dollarsBritish dollarsCanadian DollarUS DollarsAmerican dollarsBritish poundCanadian dollarsAustralian poundsCanadian DollarAustralian poundAustralian dollarsGold Australian dollarsAustralian DyesAustralian DollarsCanada dollarsAustralian dimesAustralian dollarsUnited States DollarsAustralian dollarsAustralian dollarsGerman MarksGerman MarksAustralian Dollars Australian DollarAustralian DollarsBritish PoesAustralian DollarsGold Australian DollarsGold Canadian DollarsGold American DollarsGold DimesGold DiesGold DyesGold DumsGold DudsGold DudesGold DusseldorsAustralian dollars Australian dollars Australian DollarsBritish dollarsAustralian Gold Australian DollarsCanadian DollarCanada DollarsAustralian Gold Canadian DollarsAustralian US DollarsAustralian penceAustralian dollars British poundsBritish PoundBritish PipsBritish PoundSilver Australian Dollars Australian DollarsBillion dollar billsGold Australian DimesBritish PiesBritish PongsAustralian PiesGold